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This was my old PC

The spec's were pretty kick-ass when I built her,
but nothing to mention for now-a-day technology.

The case was panels of 1/2 inch thick acrylic.
The corner pieces were a bitch building this monstrosity!
Properly grounding an acrylic case took some innovating, (aka MacGyver'ing it).
The four hard drives are suspended for cooling.
Each fan glowed neon blue. Looked cool glowing through the alien fan cover.

Two Florescent neon bulbs that was activated by sound and vibration.
It was perfect for gaming with the sound cranked up when the sub woofer kicked in!
Ya blow up something and Boom! The lights kick in.

I was showing it off to a friend, saying "Man, this thing has everything".
We were looking for a lighter at the time when he said "Well, it doesn't have a lighter in it".
So I added one that worked great.

The outcome was pretty sweet!


Building Her














Front View





Top View





Side View



Before the wire management.
Side View


I was able to have six virtual interactive desktops.
Below shows 4, (i did not utilize the bottom or top).