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~See the Videos Below~


DMT, (dimethyltryptamine), exists in most things in nature and is a powerful psychedelic substance.




Your brain produces it from the pineal gland, (aka third eye).


The natural function of its widespread presence remains undetermined by scientists.


DMT in plants has been frequently used by Amazonian natives, as well as South American Shamans for over a millennium as additive to make ayahuasca (eye-uh-husk-a).



DMT is what creates your dreams while you sleep.


Smoking DMT has been described as being very spiritual and users have reported being transported to other dimensions, with vivid hallucinations and colorful geometric and fractal type effects.


People have described seeing aliens, godly figures and elves.


That is probably why they call it the Spirit Molecule.


When DMT is inhaled, its effects are a powerful immersive experiences, which include a total loss of connection to conventional reality, which may be so extreme that it becomes ineffable, (impossible to be expressed accurately in spoken words).


Here is the kicker;
All around the planet, people who experiment with DMT, have a very similar experience.
Unlike other psychedelics where everyone goes on a different journey, DMT user all describe the same experience.



Time Line

0-15 secs Your lungs start to burn, feels like you want to cough.
15-45 secs You will hear a very loud whooshing sound in your ears and it will continue to get louder and louder, and you eventual feel your self almost blow up and enter this new universe.
45 -60 sec You will break through into another universe, known to many DMT users and DMT hyperspace. Your heart will begin to beat faster and your pulse will significantly rise.
1 min- 5min You are no longer in your body and you are floating in this hyperspace universe. Many things can be seen in this universe. Many people reports a kind of 4 th dimension looking place with everything in 3d plus a sort of time shifting that happens every few seconds. You may see different beings or entitles that look like a sort of religious figure or god. There is also many reports of people seeing an amazing chrysanthemum pattern with many interlocking colors and textures.
5 – 10min The visions eventual fade in and out. There are still many patterns and textures when your eyes are closed but when your eyes are open you will seeing the basic vision of the real world.
10- 45 min You have a slight feeling of euphoria that will last for about 30 minutes after you experience the visual trip.


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